The saying “it takes a villageā€¦” is still true today, yet many families don’t have the support they once had with family members living next door. Too often parents are alone and isolated when raising young kids. Who do you turn to when your child refuses to use the potty or your 9 month old won’t sleep through the night?


"Katherine has been working with our son focusing on speech, sensory, and behavioral issues. She sets realistic goals and brings creative ideas on how to accomplish them. She is invaluable not only to our son's progress, but to us as a family. We feel lucky and blessed to have found her."
- Tammy T, mama of one



I think toddlers, twos, and threes are the easiest age. Do I have your attention now? Many people think it is one of the more difficult stages and it is usually associated with defiant and unruly behavior, but with a few, simple strategies, you can tackle all of your day-to-day parenting challenges!